Hannah’s House

I make most of my living these days off commissions of various kinds. Pet portraits, non-pet portraits, record covers, poster designs, book reviews, and a bunch of other kinds I’ve chosen to forget. Sometimes though someone wants a picture I might’ve painted without being asked. That was the case with the one above. It wasContinue reading “Hannah’s House”


Down the street from my place is a coffeeshop called Jackalope. I’ve been spending a lot of time there in the 5 months or so I’ve lived in Bridgeport. The other day it dawned on me that I’ve been logging serious time at coffeeshops for all the 18 years since I moved back to ChicagoContinue reading “Jackalopery”


Hello, So, I’ve caved in and signed up for this newsletter service. The main reason, of course, is convenience and ease of use. The programmers that design these things are miles ahead of anything I could ever even begin to learn so why fool myself, right? You have to pick your battles so sometimes it’sContinue reading “Tinyletter”