But, now, back to me.

Last weekend, I sat in Skyler and Alicia’s kitchen and answered their questions about myself. Skyler had been asking to do this for awhile and I was happy to oblige. I like asking about others better but over the past few years talking about myself has become a lot easier. Katherine told me at theContinue reading “But, now, back to me.”

Narrated Drawings

I continued to iron out the kinks in my epic sketchbook scan project from last week. Wasn’t happy with how they turned out the first or second time, so I did it all over again. Then I wrote out what I could remember of the things I’d drawn in the book, read it into aContinue reading “Narrated Drawings”


Dumplings of All Nations is an annual event that takes place at an undisclosed location in Little Village. I learned about it a few years ago when the hosts invited me to read an essay about food to the audience. I chose a thing about the Egg Palace, a gone and, blessedly, mostly forgotten dinerContinue reading “Pelmeni”