Zombie Apocalypse

Liam Neeson’s particular set of skills have mostly withered away and I don’t remember the last memorable Neil Jordan flick, but seeing their names and others like Jessica Lange’s on a poster summons certain feelings. It’s not to do with what any of them have done recently but it’s enough to get me to theContinue reading “Zombie Apocalypse”


I defaced/improved another art-school-era painting. This one was done in my first Chicago apartment, at the corner of Foster & Sheridan. It features the futon on the floor and the Abraham Lincoln lamp I scored at some thrift store. Also a very early attempt to paint books on a shelf—a motif I’d return to repeatedlyContinue reading “Heirloom”

Torch Job

Dear J, I found your last letter in a drawer the other day. Been schlepping it around from apartment to apartment thirty years now. It’s on Oxford stationary. You say you don’t know if you’re coming back. You outline what I should do with the contents of the storage unit should you not cross backContinue reading “Torch Job”