around my house

I haven’t messed with oil paint in about three years. There are many reasons. I’ve been moving away from the medium a long time. There’s a lot of gear involved. Nobody would appreciate a French easel and turpentine fumes on a CTA bus, for instance. I’ve never liked working from sketches, memory, or imagination. IContinue reading “around my house”

Comfort Station

Keefe writes that he wants to meet up to talk about something. Last time we talked I recorded it. This is about something else. He wants me to collaborate on something with him. Last time he asked I found myself on stage at Constellation painting him and a couple other guys improvising. He doesn’t wantContinue reading “Comfort Station”

Migrant Flocks

I wasn’t sure I’d get to design the new Mute Duo record but I’m very glad it happened. I’d done the artwork for their first CD, then the first record, then a tote bag; I had the feeling they were thinking of a different direction. But then Sam, Skyler, and I met up for lunchContinue reading “Migrant Flocks”