Haunting the Old Bar

As I told you a couple weeks ago, I’ve been logging a bunch of hours at the Skylark. Before I started working the door there early this year, I’d been a customer since the place opened in 2003. Of course it has been a bar of one kind or another much longer as my friend PaulContinue reading “Haunting the Old Bar”


Last Tuesday I went to Stanley’s Tavern for a book-release party. Stanley’s is situated at the corner of 43rd & Ashland, right by one of the entrances to the Union Stock Yard. It’s one of the oldest bars in the city. The book we were there to celebrate was Slaughterhouse by Dominic Pacyga. It is a history of Chicago’sContinue reading “Slaughterhouse”


I’ve been spending a lot of the time at the Skylark lately. I have two weekly shifts working door there, as well as the occasional fill-in shift if one of the other doormen need a night off. So, as with any place I spend significant time at, there will inevitably be drawings and paintings. IContinue reading “Skylark”