Friday morning I’m driving to Kansas. I was invited to participate in the very first Paper Plains Zine Fest. I’ll get to shill my crap and talk to writers and artist who do the same. That night there’s supposed to be a reading at Flagship Books (which seems to only have Facebook and Insta accounts IContinue reading “Burma-shave”

Fly or Die

“She was my older sister, my first teacher, my first friend, my first fight, my last fight. She was my everything. She was the bravest person I knew, on and off the stage. And life just seems too quiet now.” That’s Jaime Branch’s sister, Kate, at the end of an NPR obit. I didn’t know JaimeContinue reading “Fly or Die”

Free Lunch

I’m sitting outside a coffeeshop on a bright August day. I watch a schlubby guy cross the street to the restaurant across the way. Tuesdays since the plague began they’ve been giving away box lunches. This guy used to be a regular at the bar. He’d weasel drinks out of whoever sat next to him.Continue reading “Free Lunch”