Chicago Humanities

I made a poster for Chicago Humanities Festival. Not sure how many they printed but I think not many. Drop them a line if you’d like one. I made a drawing of the view from my kitchen window. It might give a clue why I don’t spend much time in that room.  I made a LorraineContinue reading “Chicago Humanities”

Virtual Reality

I wrote about hanging around the lobby outside the Chicago International Film Festival. Also: a play about how we don’t know how to deal with death in America. I got back to painting out my window.  All the artwork which didn’t sell is back home from Dominican now. It’s time to reset, to get back toContinue reading “Virtual Reality”

Pink Eye

Eber walks a guy over from the door. Said he needs directions. He moved slow. It takes him forever to unfold a packet of papers, then find the place on the sheet with the address he’s looking for. It’s the Pacific Garden Mission—a homeless shelter about a mile away. I’ve been walking all day, he says. ThenContinue reading “Pink Eye”