I’ve been getting rid of things. Books and records, mostly. When you live in one place awhile you accumulate stuff. Like a squirrel drags flotsam from the outside world to gird for winter, we bring things home to make it feel more like home. But after a time, all this crap starts weighing on theContinue reading “Less”

Junket’s end

I feel like I’ve been on a promo tour for a year. Ever since I brought boxes of Music to My Eyes back from Dekker Bindery in Michigan last February and hauled them up my three flights, a chunk of my attention and waking hours has been devoted to planning events, trying to get attention, and, mostContinue reading “Junket’s end”

State Bird

I’d meant to visit State Bird Provisions for years, but I’m not in San Francisco too often and reservations are hard to get. So when I booked a return appearance at The Green Arcade to promote Soviet Stamps, I made a reservation right after finding a flight. I’d know Stu and Nicole in Chicago. I even briefly worked with NicoleContinue reading “State Bird”