Got a Guitar

I get on the Ashland bus at the Orange Line and head north. I thought about biking it, but the mental image of an electric guitar and amp bungee-corded to the bike rack for the return trip, while comical and my kind of challenge, is deterrent enough for reason to prevail for a change. AfterContinue reading “Got a Guitar”


I don’t believe in ghosts. Not the invisible ones or the bed-sheet-wearers. But I have no doubt that memories and traces of family and friends gone haunt us, whether alive, dead, or undead. I know the past has never left me alone. Sometimes that’s a good thing. I saw Todd Haines’ amazing Velvet Underground documentaryContinue reading “Scary”

In the Studio

Behind the door of an easy-to-miss corner storefront, at the edge of a city park, four guys gather to make music. I’ve sat in on the recording process a few times. The amount of time it takes to set up mics in relation to instruments, the arrangement of effects pedals, the nudging and tweaking ofContinue reading “In the Studio”