to whom it may concern

I didn’t mean to publish another book this way, but here it is. A couple hours after I finish writing this, I’ll get on my bike and ride three-quarters of a mile south to Bubbly Creek Industries, home of Nero Ink. I will look at a final proof of the thing I made, then they’llContinue reading “to whom it may concern”

Dumpster Fire

Blame it on the plague or getting older and accumulating a bunch of crap I didn’t know what to do with, but sometime late into 2020 I started cutting up old drawings, homework assignments, letters, and other ephemera to make pictures. Restrictions and limits are vital for art and if you remember life in 2020Continue reading “Dumpster Fire”

the SPECIALS board

Before I wrote anything other than a homework assignment or personal letter, I worked a breakfast shift at a restaurant down the street from my apartment in Chicago. One of the regular tasks before unlocking the front door was writing out specials on a blackboard in colored chalk. The first few times I did it,Continue reading “the SPECIALS board”