Marc Maron sold another dog portrait for me. He didn’t cold-call Pepper’s owner and suggest he hire me to paint a portrait as a Mother’s Day gift, but by talking about me on his show or on Instagram. This is the second commission I know for sure resulted from Maron. I’m not on Instagram, butContinue reading “Pepper”

Papa’s poems

For over a month now, my father has sent me poems every day. They usually arrive late at night, as if it took him all day to choose what to send. They are by Pushkin, Mandelstam, Tsvetaeva, Pasternak, and others. The greats of Russian poetry. I’ve been reading more Russian the last few years andContinue reading “Papa’s poems”

Goodbye, Lituanica

I’ve lived with the third-floor views from my apartment’s windows for the last five years. In two weeks I will be moving away. These paintings are documents of my time in this place. A year ago, I was about to move to my new place. I’d ordered postcards to advertise/commemorate my old place on Lituanica.Continue reading “Goodbye, Lituanica”