Alone in a room

I’ve worked with Don Evans’ Chicago Literary Hall of Fame for many a moon. I even got to induct Shel Silverstein when Jon Langford couldn’t make it. But mostly I’ve designed postcards and posters. Six years ago I hand-typed and illustrated a Stuart Dybek story for Independent Bookstore Day, so when Don asked for a poster for the Hall’s commemorationContinue reading “Alone in a room”

No more Jazz Mondays

Korb rearranges the chairs at 4pm every Monday. He makes them all face the little makeshift stage in the back of the Albatross. It’s hours until anyone will show up to listen to his free jazz combo try the regulars’ patience by alternating squalls of piercing atonal brass notes with barely audible string noodling. ButContinue reading “No more Jazz Mondays”

They’re Here

I got my second shot Wednesday morning, then went home and waited to be laid low, but nothing happened. A little soreness around the area where I was pricked, but not much else. I almost felt cheated. I spent the whole day watching movies. The next morning I got up early and went to theContinue reading “They’re Here”