Blue City

I made a mask from an old ripped up Roky Erickson t-shirt. It was in the pile of rags destined for wiping brushes with, but now I’ll wear it near people in public. It makes me look ready to rob a stagecoach. My childhood dreams of becoming a highwayman can finally come true. My apartmentContinue reading “Blue City”

Jane Byrne Interchange

Bill asked for a painting of the Jane Byrne Interchange. It’s the clusterfuck just south of downtown Chicago where the highways meet. It used to be called the Circle Interchange, then the “improvements” started and it was decided that the name should be improved as well. It was rechristened in honor of the city’s firstContinue reading “Jane Byrne Interchange”

ABC Bartending School

I had no in, so I did what suckers do: I signed up for a class advertised in the Reader next to massages and unwanted household goods. Had to borrow $200 from my folks to pay tuition. The ABC Bartending School is above a liquor store in a lonely building in the West Loop. AContinue reading “ABC Bartending School”