Six years ago I typed out and illustrated Stuart Dybek’s Christmas story, “Vigil” for Chicago Independent Bookstore Day. The idea was to stop into each of the twelve participating stores and collect all the pages of the story into a folder, while shopping. Having trouble falling asleep a few nights ago, I had the brilliantContinue reading “Vigil”

A Blessing on the Ground

Snow is my favorite thing that nature does. These last few weeks, after years of disappointment, of feeling shortchanged and cheated, nature has delivered. Chicago has had the most snowfall in 40 years. There’s a small mountain that tops out halfway up my front window. I’ve shoveled the walk and stairs three or four times,Continue reading “A Blessing on the Ground”

The Talented Mr. Pancake

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but we all do. And why not? What else do we have to go by? I’d heard about Breece D’J Pancake’s stories for years, but didn’t read one till last week. He’s one of those legendary cult writers, more influential than known, his stature andContinue reading “The Talented Mr. Pancake”