Echo Chamber

I finished the book design months ago. It went through a bunch of revisions, some big, some small. The writer had a lot of input. I tried to make all the changes she wanted. Tweak by tweak, minute change by imperceptible adjustment the cover turned into something I barely recognized as my own. That’s asContinue reading “Echo Chamber”


The week before the big fair I crank out fifteen new bookmarks. I’m no expert on what goes at a holiday fair but a unique bookmark is a no-brainer for this crowd. Even the majority of shoppers who pick at my books and are disappointed that there are words and pictures inside rather than beingContinue reading “Renegade”

Out of Town

Milwaukee is an easy drive from Chicago. The rental car arrives on time and I’m parking outside the Calatrava-designed alien bird-insect edifice of their art museum a couple hours later. The week leading up to this trip was full of painting pets so a change of scenery’s a good palate cleanser. Don’t get me wrong,Continue reading “Out of Town”