Cover Story

Finally made the cover of the Reader after eight or nine years of contributing. It was a nice surprise. A few people texted and emailed congratulations. Good to know the print version still matters a little—the cover, at least.  I went to see Brokeback play at the Bottle a couple weeks ago and had aContinue reading “Cover Story”


Paintings shouldn’t have names. Words shape how people look at pictures, telling them how to think and feel about what they’re seeing, sometimes making them doubt their own eyes. And yet, there’s no way around it. You can just number them, but numbers are a lot harder to remember than words, so an archive ofContinue reading “Pandemonium”

Visiting Artist

When Megan Williamson invited me to visit her studio, I was flattered but a little confused. I’ve been making art a long time but have rarely felt part of any art community. I don’t deal with galleries much or have a studio in one of those rabbit-warren warehouse buildings so many artists are banished to.Continue reading “Visiting Artist”