I rented a car and drove to Boston again. This time it was for my mother’s birthday and to celebrate my own with my parents a little early. The plan was for them to come visit Chicago but that isn’t possible for obvious reasons. So I drove east. Because of my cabbie days driving isContinue reading “Birthright”

Del knows better than you

Del’s a little man with a big mouth. Whatever you’re talking about, he knows the subject better than you. Politics, stereo components, love advice, members of your family he’s never met, no matter; Del will disabuse you of your faulty notions. Every bar has its Mr. Dooley, its Cliff Clavin. Del’s ours at the Albatross.Continue reading “Del knows better than you”


It’s going on six months now so I figure what the hell. I find a test site not too far away. The city asks for my address, date of birth, et cetera. I choose a half hour window for my appointment and get on my bike.‌‌ ‌‌ It’s in the parking lot of a school in LittleContinue reading “Test”