New Coat

I got a new coat. The old one wasn’t worn out but had been wearing on my nerves for some time. A vintage job bought at a vintage shop on Milwaukee, it was grey with prominent fur collar. Or faux-fur, as I found out from my itchy, burning neck the first time I wore it.Continue reading “New Coat”

Blind Chance

Have you ever started a movie or record or book and known within minutes that it’s a masterpiece? It happened to me a few nights ago with Krysztof Kieślowski’s Blind Chance. It’s a hard thing to put a finger on: why does this movie flow as if inevitable, no matter how farfetched this or that plot pointContinue reading “Blind Chance”

Certified Copy

A funny thing happened last Monday. My father wrote to ask if the painting I used to illustrate last week’s newsletter was available for sale. When I told him it was from the mid-90s and long-gone, he commissioned a copy. I didn’t ask why this little self-portrait grabbed him, but thought instead back to theContinue reading “Certified Copy”