Columbus, Ohio

Tuesday morning I rented a car and drove to Columbus, Ohio. I’ve been to Columbus three times before. The first time was in 1997 when a friend of a coworker of mine at Pearl Art & Craft hired me to move him there in my 1978 GMC van. I was back in Chicago the followingContinue reading “Columbus, Ohio”

The Two-timers

‌ ‌‌He wears his Red Sox cap backwards. He’s somewhere in his fifties with a full head of white hair (unless the cap he never takes off is hiding a bald spot.) He’s got a bit of a Leslie Nielsen/Steve Martin thing going; one of those silver fox assholes. And he definitely is an asshole. She’s aContinue reading “The Two-timers”

Bye Bye Bernice

I didn’t know Bernice very well, nor for very long. By the time I moved to Bridgeport at the beginning of 2015 the bar named after her had already been open for nearly fifty years. I felt at home there within a couple weeks of my first visit. Many of the regulars at Bernice’s neverContinue reading “Bye Bye Bernice”