Bad Art

Carey sends message after message rapid-fire. He was reticent at first. But I gained his trust, so the flood gates have opened. Text exchanges, email, articles, along with his own caustic commentaries come at me all day. It’s a little much, but I’m flattered my hero is trusting me with his story. It started onContinue reading “Bad Art”

People Who Died

LaMarr Hoyt, 66, won a Cy Young Award in 1983 for the White Sox. But I wasn’t a White Sox fan yet in 1983. I know Hoyt because he was on a few of my Strat-o-matic Baseball teams a year or two after his best year in the majors. Don’t remember his record with me;Continue reading “People Who Died”

Farts & Craps

The day doesn’t start well. The cab I’d ordered the night before doesn’t show, so I schlep a folding table, rolling suitcase, shopping bag, and courier bag onto the Orange, then Green Line, out to Oak Park. I get there with fifteen minutes to spare before the holiday sale opens. I unfold the table, coverContinue reading “Farts & Craps”