Straight Into the Camera

From 1978 to 1979, photographer David Gremp documented the neighborhoods of Chicago. He was hired to be an artist in residence for the Chicago Public Library system under the auspices of the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA). Signed into law in 1973 by Richard Nixon, CETA was an extension of the WPA, but emphasizedContinue reading “Straight Into the Camera”

Ubi Est Mea?

“Where’s mine?” was Mike Royko’s alternative motto for the fair city of Chicago. Now it’s a podcast about former Chicagoans talking about the town, hosted by Brandon Wetherbee. I did the artwork. More info here.  I wrote about the lousy state of Chicago-based TV shows for the Reader this week. Saturday afternoon I was among a galleryContinue reading “Ubi Est Mea?”

Museum Hours

I stayed on the Cottage Grove bus an extra stop and got off at 57th Street. Steering clear of chunks of ice on the sidewalk, I tried all the doors nearest the street and found them all locked. I went all the way around to the side facing Washington Park and found a door open.Continue reading “Museum Hours”