There’s no one to talk to while I work on paintings at home but there’s also rarely silence. To the left of this bookshelf is a record player which is on at least an hour or two each day. Then there are the voices coming from the laptop. Usually podcasts. Writers, filmmakers, actors, and comediansContinue reading “Chatterbox”

47th St Memory Loop

Young, idealistic people opening up a coffeeshop in a “bad” neighborhood is an evergreen human interest story. I’d been meaning to check out the new one in Back of the Yards for a while but the article in the Reader sealed it. I took the Halsted bus south to 47th Street, then stood waiting among the dirtyContinue reading “47th St Memory Loop”

Chris Ware

The experience of reading Chris Ware’s Monograph is inextricably tied to what it’s about. Its inordinate size transforms a grownup into a child. One can set the book down on a table or on one’s lap, but it will take up all available space and make it impossible to do anything else but turn its pages, oftenContinue reading “Chris Ware”