I read the book in a couple weeks then write a review in an afternoon. I feel hungover afterwards. All those hours spent with Hollywood monsters, now they’re gone and something or someone needs to take their place. But even when I was still immersed there was some resentment building up at the outer edgesContinue reading “Roar”

Ramova (or ruin)

I can’t recall whether I ever ate the famous chili at the Ramova Grill. The diner on Halsted has been shuttered for years. The movie palace of the same name next door has been closed many more. Both are known to most of us in Bridgeport as fa├žades and nothing more. When beloved neighborhood hubsContinue reading “Ramova (or ruin)”

cut-up letters

I wake up at 6am. It’s still dark but I know what I have to do. I take a 30-year-old letter from a childhood friend, cut up pieces of it, and glue it onto the grey page of a spiral-bound Soviet-era notebook. I keep doing this for hours. The letters I’m gradually disappearing are theContinue reading “cut-up letters”