On the Orange Line downtown the other day a woman caught my eye. I think she got on at LaSalle or Quincy. She had corkscrew curls which went blond at the ends and wore a furry black coat. But the first thing I noticed was the ornamental button on her cuff. It was a largeContinue reading “Passersby”

Mute Duo

When Skyler and Sam asked for some art for the CD they were putting out, I didn’t think twice. I’ve listened to both of these guys play with dozens of different bands over the years and it’s almost always worth it. If either is on the bill you should go. Mute Duo is quiet andContinue reading “Mute Duo”

Chicago Handshake

A young woman came up and asked for a Chicago Handshake and I didn’t know what that was. She acted surprised, then said it was an Old Style and a shot of Malört. I did my best not to make a face and went off to get it. When I came back she admitted thatContinue reading “Chicago Handshake”