Porkchop and I didn’t always get along. But because he had been Shay’s companion for about eight years by the time her and I got together, dealing with him was the price of admission. Like his owner, Porkchop had personality to burn. For a being who weighed under twenty pounds he had a mighty gravitationalContinue reading “Porkchop”

Pettibon and on and on

I was gonna go to New York a couple weeks ago to see¬†Raymond Pettibon’s retrospective¬†but a snowstorm cancelled all flights in and out of the city. I had planned to go to the museum with my friend Gil, but because I had to reschedule the trip to last Wednesday he couldn’t make it. It wasContinue reading “Pettibon and on and on”


One of the greatest attributes of the English language is its pliancy. Words bend not only their meaning but also their function acrobatically and almost on demand. This makes English the ideal language for advertising. Marketing companies are always inventing slogans and phrases which strain at the bounds of meaning in order to move product.Continue reading “Creatives”