I missed the six year anniversary of this newsletter. According to the archive, it began June 18th, 2015. That was when I signed up for a TinyLetter account and turned off Instagram——my last social media account. Of course, a compelling argument can be made that a weekly newsletter is social media as well. Then again,Continue reading “Milemarker”

Out Time

We’re dropping like flies. Since the bar reopened two-and-a-half months ago, two of us had seizures on the job, one cut his hand badly enough we had to close the kitchen early, another got smashed up on his motorcycle and had to miss two months of work. Yet we keep going. Everybody wants so badlyContinue reading “Out Time”

The Liver Spot

The Liver Spot sits near a major intersection. The Point Diner and the Chicago Dispatcher used to be in the next building over. But that building was demolished several years ago. The Blue Light is still around the corner but it’s unrecognizable. It’s for yuppies now. Or preppies or normies or whatever. I don’t know.Continue reading “The Liver Spot”