I’m a cow

She doesn’t seem like the talkative type. She murmurs her order——a Belgian ale——then slips the one headphone she’d pushed back to speak back over her ear. No eye contact or acknowledgment when I set the tulip glass on a coaster before her, except to edge a dollar bill back my way. Then Poppin’ Fresh (notContinue reading “I’m a cow”

World on a Wire

Robot walks into a bar/Orders a drink, lays down a bill Bartender says “Hey, we don’t serve robots” And the robot says,”Oh, but some day you will”  Silver Jews, “Frontier Index” I work on my book most days. When I don’t work on it, I think about it. During this stage of the process——maybe aContinue reading “World on a Wire”


I can tell the woman is preoccupied by the amount of time it takes her to decide what to drink. She looks familiar, but in a general sort of way. It’s likely her appearance. Short fedora, conceptual/geometric tattoos, abstract asymmetrical hairdo, men’s button-down shirt and chinos. It’s a personal style very common these days. CallContinue reading “Projection”