dumpster fire out

All the shows are over and done and I feel emptied out. From June till last Saturday, some part of my attention was occupied with a room away from my house filled with my artwork. Thinking about if anyone was looking at it, how to get more people to do so, then, hopefully, to inspireContinue reading “dumpster fire out”

IG post-mortem

I thought after eight years it would be different. That I’d changed or maybe something changed but nothing has. That’s not entirely true; it’s much worse than I remember it being. It started sometime in July in the run-up to my Firecat show. I noticed that the gallery’s Instagram hadn’t been updated several months soContinue reading “IG post-mortem”

An Auction of Ghosts

I found this listing: ‘Dmitry Samarov (20th/21st C), Bookshelf #2, O/C’ while searching for something else. I clicked through after making sure the link wasn’t spam and saw a painting I’d totally forgotten about making. It was part of an auction to be held in the coming weeks in South Carolina. Under provenance: Purchased fromContinue reading “An Auction of Ghosts”