A few months ago a woman contacted me about contributing to a scholarship in honor of my high school art teacher. She’d tracked me down from a review I wrote of an Ivan Albright show at the Art Institute. Osna had given me an over-sized monograph on that painter’s work as a graduation present. I was happy toContinue reading “Osna”


I emailed some questions to guy who wrote a theater piece about his experience driving Uber. I don’t envy anyone who gets into that business these days. The odds seem stacked against you even worse than in my day. These tech-bro assholes have managed to fool their “partners” or “associates” (or whatever euphemism they use forContinue reading “Rideshare”

Like Nothing Happened

I open the door to the bar and it’s like the last fifteen months never happened. It’s the first day the Skylark’s open since March 15th, 2020. Every seat’s taken, clusters of drinkers standing close to one another, no distancing of any kind. I count two or three masks out of over a hundred faces.Continue reading “Like Nothing Happened”