Layman’s Report

I wrote another book report. Maybe this will be my last. Something made me respond to the publicist’s pitch. I ignore or politely decline most, and, as I wrote here a couple weeks ago, I’m trying to quit the whole racket. Something about this book makes me say yes. I start read and can’t stop.Continue reading “Layman’s Report”

Uncle Dmitry

My kid brother had a kid last week. More accurately, his wife, Lauren, did. I was an uncle once before for a brief time twenty years ago, but that was by marriage. This is the first child any of my brothers can claim credit for so far as I know. Raya wasn’t supposed to arriveContinue reading “Uncle Dmitry”

No more book reports.

The play starts and so does the familiar dread. Whether I enjoy the play or not, no matter if I have any reaction to it or none at all, I will go home and have to write a review. I’ve done this to myself. Sometime after the first book came out in 2011, I startedContinue reading “No more book reports.”