52 pick-up

I wake up and I’m fifty-two years old. Is there any significance to this? The only things I can think of in connection to the number is the card prank and the 1986 Frankenheimer flick with Roy Scheider and Ann-Margaret. Neither resonates much. When I bartended and someone tried to get a free drink forContinue reading “52 pick-up”

Empty Bottle

When I worked at Bite CafĂ© twenty-two years ago the Empty Bottle was like a second living room. I had drinks there after every brunch shift I worked and wandered in any night I was interested in the band that was on. I remember staying for only ten minutes of a White Stripes set. WhyContinue reading “Empty Bottle”


The last two weeks this is what my days have looked like. Open eight frames in Photoshop. Resize each. Place them in a template. Copy-and-paste it into the next page in Affinity. Repeat two-hundred-fifteen times. I don’t pay much attention about what’s in each individual frame. There’s action, violence, romance, and many familiar movie-star facesContinue reading “Layout”