Foreign Covers

I love looking at foreign covers of books I know. They reimagine what’s inside. Oftentimes, they have little to do with the book at all. A book cover is advertising. There’s always some level of bait-and-switch involved. ‌Like candy wrappers, you can imagine and hope about what the thing will be like once opened. ‌IContinue reading “Foreign Covers”


I listen to Hari Kunzru’s Red Pill on the drive to Kansas. It’s about a writer losing his bearings on a fellowship at a vaguely cultish institute in Berlin. Set in the months leading up to the disasterous 2016 election it is full of conspiracy theories and paranoia. Passing giant poorly laid out signs wishing the monster’sContinue reading “Meatspace”

Not in Kansas

It’s rare these days that someone else makes something to promote my work. A flyer may not seem like much but I was touched when the one above arrived a couple days ago. I’m so used to doing all the dirty work of shilling myself. The guy who put it together also released a tape ofContinue reading “Not in Kansas”