I get amazing fan letters from time to time. It puts me at a disadvantage. Most times I know nothing about the sender. Aside from thanking them, there’s not much else I can do. I can’t take a compliment. Can anybody? What do you do with it? Somebody says something nice and it just sitsContinue reading “Praise”

Real on paper

I’m working on my seventh book. Every one has primarily been written and designed on a laptop. But until I print out pages——as I did for the first time for this new one tonight——they feel like pretend. It’s strange to feel that way about a thing that is meant to be reproduced hundreds, possibly thousandsContinue reading “Real on paper”

Your Boring Face

Laura says her aunt told her she has a boring face. It makes her self-conscious. She thinks she’s not photogenic. Luckily for her, I’m not a photographer. I also don’t know what makes her face boring. Are there exciting faces? I’d guess there would need to be extra features for that to be true. SpareContinue reading “Your Boring Face”