A couple women visited my collage show a few weeks back. Then one of them ordered a pet portrait for the other. I get photos of said pet while I’m in LA. I write the pet owner that it might be a week or two before I can get to the painting. But it eatsContinue reading “Nessie”

A Tourist at Home

I’m staying in a hotel in downtown Chicago. I’m here because there are still holes in the walls and ceiling of my kitchen. At first, I was irritated that the contractors hadn’t finished by the agreed-upon time, but then decide to turn it into something I’ve never done; I’ll be a tourist in my ownContinue reading “A Tourist at Home”

Moses in the Passenger Seat

I haven’t been alone on my trip west. My copilot’s been dead over forty years and he’s scary as fuck. I’m writing this in a motel room in Weatherford, Oklahoma and have driven well over three thousand miles over the past five days. Robert Moses has been along through the majority of those miles. I’mContinue reading “Moses in the Passenger Seat”