Soviet Stamps!

The printer wrote to say that my books were ready. I didn’t expect them for another month. A book no one wanted to publish was now out in the world. I rented a car and drove to Michigan. It’s the same trip I took in March for Music to My Eyes but felt very different. It seemedContinue reading “Soviet Stamps!”


Bill and Katinka needed a driver for a couple weekend gigs out of town and asked me. Milwaukee, then Iowa City. I haven’t made money driving in over seven years and had told myself I’d never do it again. But this was different. I’d get to help a couple great musicians do their thing. Plus:Continue reading “Roadie”

Life of the Party

I’m no fun. I drove three hundred miles to Cleveland for Tracy’s birthday party, then was one of the first to leave. Don’t get me wrong, when her boyfriend told me he was planning a surprise party for her fortieth, I said I’d be there, without hesitation. And I was happy to see her happyContinue reading “Life of the Party”