Storm in My House

They’ve been hammering, sawing, hauling, banging away at the house for months. And they will continue to for months to come. I knew this was coming when I moved in a year and a half ago. In fact, my moving in was delayed many months because plans for this gut rehab were in place andContinue reading “Storm in My House”


A woman calls about a job. To be more precise, she calls after trying to email me at an address I haven’t used in years. I don’t answer the phone because 99% of calls are from bots these days and I don’t recognize the number. Many fill up my voicemail with warnings about expiring insuranceContinue reading “Unusable”


I look out the window throughout day. Dark out there. Flurries on and off. I keep going back and forth about it in my mind: public transportation or bike? I have a ticket to see Marc Ribot play in Evanston. It’s a fifteen mile ride. Arguments against taking CTA: three transfers, masked the whole way,Continue reading “Ribot”