…patiently waiting for

I have no concept of time. It’s all happening right now, whatever you mention. Even if you tell me it’s years away. Even if you’re thinking out loud, never intending to follow through, as soon as the idea/plan/date leaves your lips, to me it’s set in stone. I have to mechanically walk myself back fromContinue reading “…patiently waiting for”

Lost in the Country

I text my brother from a rest area somewhere near Ithaca, NY that I’m on schedule to arrive at his new house by dinnertime. I’ve written out every turn once I get off I-90 in my notebook and have consulted it multiple times. I pride myself on navigating without the crutch of GPS. I neverContinue reading “Lost in the Country”

I’m History…

In 2019, a literature professor from Tel Aviv emailed to say that she was writing something about me and hoped to visit that summer to meet up. Now the thing she wrote is an academic survey of Chicago literary history. My friend, Bill, who wrote a chapter about the city’s literary future, gave me aContinue reading “I’m History…”