Sketchbook Switchover

The sketchbook goes everywhere with me. Sometimes it’s a hiding place, a way to assuage social anxiety, other times just a way to pass hours I don’t know what to do with. Because I’ve never kept a diary, it’s the closest thing to a record of my days. Unlike many artists, I’ve never used aContinue reading “Sketchbook Switchover”

Secondhand Time

I reviewed Svetlana Alexievich’s fascinating and galling oral history of the end of the Soviet Union this week and it got me thinking—not for the first time—about what a dangerous thing nostalgia is. In that book, dozens of people, from all strata of society, recall one of the bloodiest eras in human history fondly and long forContinue reading “Secondhand Time”

Dramatis Personae

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on a massive portrait project. It’s not the one of my friends, which I’ve shared with you before, but, what will eventually be about a hundred sketched likeness of writers and artists. They will be used to illustrate the contributors’ page of a literary journal called The Scofield.Continue reading “Dramatis Personae”