In Person

I’ve missed looking at people’s faces these past couple years. It drove me to draw them off TV freeze-frames, that’s how much I’ve missed them. Sitting or standing in some public place and surreptitiously drawing strangers is one my main occupations in life. So for two years I’ve been underemployed, so to speak. I’m doing myContinue reading “In Person”

Lightning Bolt

Music gear takes up most of a makeshift stage in what is usually the audience area in the middle of the floor at Thalia Hall. I’m early like always, but because it’s an all-ages show, there are a few eager adolescents milling about. This is one of the times when being ‘the old guy atContinue reading “Lightning Bolt”

Coat Arcade

“Browse uniforms, gear, equipment, and more at Brooklyn’s Coat Arcade, and look and feel like a winner next time your team hits the field.” The Coat Arcade used to be on the ground floor of the apartment building I lived in in Borough Park, Brooklyn. 1805 49th Street. I was in apartment C3. I neverContinue reading “Coat Arcade”