Old Friend

I was waiting in the lobby of the Art Institute for Mark to walk me through the new Saul Steinberg show when a man giving directions to some visitors caught my eye. I’d been spacing out for about fifteen minutes, just watching groups of out-of-towners bicker with each other before the ticket-takers when I sawContinue reading “Old Friend”

A Stranger’s Table

Marty asked me to make a painting to remember a friend by. He sent me photographs of a desk covered with pens, pencils, papers, and various electronics, presided over by an imposingly darkened computer monitor. He told me he thought of me instantly because I often paint mess and clutter. Apart from the challenges ofContinue reading “A Stranger’s Table”

Painting paintings of paintings

Last week in San Francisco, I went to see the┬áMatisse/Diebenkorn show. It’s a beautifully put together exhibition which would’ve been perfect if not for the Saturday throngs which sardined their way through its galleries. I would’ve loved to’ve wandered through and lingered at this or that picture without phalanxes of audio-tour zombies blocking my view.Continue reading “Painting paintings of paintings”