Walking Man

There’s a horrible story in the news about a homeless man set on fire. Perhaps this kind of cruelty doesn’t rate when people regularly shoot up supermarkets and classrooms full of people, but it registered with me because I recognized the victim. Anyone who’s spent regular time in downtown Chicago over the past few decades knows theContinue reading “Walking Man”

Dear N,

You keep writing even though I don’t write back. Aren’t you making friends in school? There’s gotta be a guy nearer than five thousand miles that you can lavish attention on. This sounds ungrateful. I’m flattered that I made an impression. We had so little time together. I waited till my last day to kissContinue reading “Dear N,”

The Marvel Universe

I have a book mostly finished. I’d like to have some help putting it out. Somebody else to market and distribute it. I’m terrible at those tasks and hate doing them. It would be nice to partner with someone who values what I do, who has more of a knack for the business. Odds are,Continue reading “The Marvel Universe”