Innocent When you Dream

Lon’s a hat guy. It’s not because of the bald spot. Or, not only because of it. It’s his self-image. He sees himself as a doomed romantic hepcat. On open-mike nights at the Albatross he breaks out his harmonica and ukulele. “Innocent When You Dream” is his go-to. When he’s done singing he talks theContinue reading “Innocent When you Dream”

Buratino (Буратино)

I didn’t grow up with Pinocchio. I had the Soviet knock-off, Buratino. I thought about him this week after seeing Matteo Garrone’s unsettling new Pinocchio movie. It reminded me of the illustrated children’s books I love. It was great to see a fairy tale with so little CGI. Pinocchio was a human boy in creepy wooden-looking makeup andContinue reading “Buratino (Буратино)”