A new friend says Lit! the way I’d say cool. She uses it as approval and punctuation the way so many slang words are flexible and adaptable to any part of a sentence and often to contradictory meanings. She’s around thirty and the way she says the word I know she’s used it for some time. I’d never heardContinue reading “Lit!”

a shop is not a store

All I wanted was a little shop of my own. But I should know by now that I can’t have what I want. Not without pulling a few teeth. The problem began about a year ago when for some reason the credit card processing company Square switched their online store setup to something called Weebly.Continue reading “a shop is not a store”


I got to use abecedarian in a book review about dementia. When I looked up the word’s meaning to make sure I was using it correctly I came across abecedarium, which is more or less another word for alphabet. The reason I was looking into all this was that every chapter of Damian Rogers’ book starts with a sequence of wordsContinue reading “Abecedarium”