Twelve or thirteen years ago, via MySpace, I struck up a correspondence with a Canadian musician named Edgar Breau. He commissioned me to do some art for a forthcoming CD. He didn’t use it. But then, a few years ago, Breau was in town for a gig with his 70s band, Simply Saucer, and weContinue reading “Wander”

I opened a store!

‌ Not really. It’s not in meatspace. You can’t walk in and riffle through merchandise. You can’t shoplift. It’s just another page in the cloud. But you can pre-order my new book or buy some of my old ones or purchase some art or send me some money to make you a picture. So, I guess inContinue reading “I opened a store!”

My next book

My fourth book was supposed to be my third. I thought I’d finished it in 2015, after going away to a Minnesota artists’ retreat near the boundary waters, the birthplace of every mosquito that ever was. I sent it to agents and publishers and none of them wanted it. I kept trying for a time,Continue reading “My next book”