multiple goods

On the drive back from Boston I listen to Maud Newton’s Ancestor Trouble and feel grateful not to have any relations like hers. My visit with my parents passed peacefully. No one picked a fight, for which I’m thankful. Hearing about grudges, conflicts, and crimes within one family going back generations makes me feel extraContinue reading “multiple goods”

Slow Learner

The plan is to leave Chicago by 7:30 or 8am but the car’s late. It’s not delivered till almost 9 so I’m behind before starting out. I’m annoyed but figure to get to the motel in New Jersey by 10 or 11pm rather than 8 or 9. No big deal. I queue up Sarah Weinman’sContinue reading “Slow Learner”


When you stop going to a place it ceases to exist in a way. Or, rather, it’s frozen on whatever state it was in when you were last a regular. It’s a childish idea not unlike thinking that your teachers live at school or that the world goes to sleep when you close your eyes.Continue reading “Feed”