Martial Memory

Three little boys run around the countryside playing war. They draw lots. The loser puts on the German helmet. The other two chase him, pretend-firing their block wood weapons. Then it’s a free-for-all. They roll around on the ground. The “German” wrestles a gun away and shoots his enemies. Then they’re called in for dinner.  MauriceContinue reading “Martial Memory”

Who’s Who

I get a strange letter in the mail. It’s from Marquis Who’s Who. The envelope looks like something from Publishers Clearing House minus Ed McMahon’s cheerful visage. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ENCLOSED from the Editorial Department. The letter within congratulates me on my nomination and approval to join the ranks of the most successful and the most famous. There’s a linkContinue reading “Who’s Who”


Crap is a fun word to say but hard to define. Somebody wrote a whole book about it and I reviewed it. But I still couldn’t tell you for certain what the word means and what it doesn’t. It’s a all-in-one placeholder like shit or fuck, I guess. The best thing in that book is Murro the Wonder Pig, anContinue reading “Crap”