Kruglaya Data

The literal translation is round number but what it really means is a significant birthday. My mom was always talking about them when I was growing up but now it was her turn. I won’t say how old she turned but it was significant enough for me to come to Boston to help celebrate it. Max pickedContinue reading “Kruglaya Data”

Amusement Tax

Yom Kippur is the traditional Jewish day of atonement but my day of penance for the past twenty-five years has come a few weeks earlier. It’s gone by several different names and has moved locations and undergone a lot of upheaval but is currently called Expo Chicago. It’s just an art fair but it neverContinue reading “Amusement Tax”

Heroes & Villains

‌ ‌A couple weekends ago I went to Humboldt Park two nights in a row to see bands play at an idiotic food truck festival. Normally I wouldn’t be caught dead at an outdoor festival of any kind, especially one centered around overpriced, mediocre street food, but the bands in question were the Gories andContinue reading “Heroes & Villains”