Handsome Family

I try to catch the Handsome Family whenever they come back to town so when I booked my trip to the East Coast forgetting that I had a ticket to their show here, I wasn’t happy. The band helped me find a buyer for my ticket but that still meant I’d miss a band I love. Then aContinue reading “Handsome Family”

Assistant Fog Keeper

Ever since I read an article about the imminent opening of The Milton Resnick and Pat Passlof Foundation, I’ve been champing at the bit to go. I booked a flight for May but had to cancel it when their opening got pushed back. Then I wrote to the director to ask if they’d be open byContinue reading “Assistant Fog Keeper”


Whet Moser heard of me before I ever heard of him. Researching a story on the taxi business for the Chicago Reader he stumbled onto my Hack blog. This was about ten years ago. Long before I wrote a book or even thought of writing one. Whet’s attention to my early writing efforts made me take themContinue reading “Blurb”