Others’ views

In the run-up to Christmas, I’ve gotten a rash of commissions. It’s been dogs and cats most of the time the past few years, but this winter it’s houses and views out windows. It’s always strange to paint something for someone else, according to their instructions. They hire me because they like what I doContinue reading “Others’ views”

I hate Andy Warhol

I’ve been avoiding the Art Institute for two months. Andy Warhol’s the reason. His sprawling retrospective takes up a bunch of space inside and banners advertising it cover the Michigan Avenue outside walls like ads for a Hollywood blockbuster. It’s hard to ignore. I held out until last week before convincing myself to see theContinue reading “I hate Andy Warhol”

Mute Variations

I’ve been friends with Skyler and Sam a long time. I wrote about them in my book. So I was very happy when they asked me to do the art for their forthcoming record.  I’d designed their self-released CD a couple years ago, but this will be an LP, which is a dream for any artist who lovesContinue reading “Mute Variations”