The Milk of Sorrow

Rebekka asked for a drawing of her childhood home in Hyde Park. We talked about it over dinner. She didn’t want something that looked like a photograph, so we agreed I’d try to draw on site when it gets warmer. But Monday there was a movie I wanted to see at Doc, so I decidedContinue reading “The Milk of Sorrow”

Stupor Bowl

I gave up on football a couple years ago. All the CTE stories and Steve Almond’s Against Football were the last nails in the coffin of an interest which was fair-weather at best. I don’t care to admire multi-million dollar commercials or overblown corporate music spectacles either, so Super Bowl Sunday is just a regular work dayContinue reading “Stupor Bowl”


The weather is what we talk about when we have nothing to say. That said, nobody in Chicago could shut up about the historic/apocalyptic cold snap which hit the city Wednesday. I worked at the bar the evening before and it’s all I heard about. The teachers were happy to get a couple days off—CPSContinue reading “Cold”